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Mark in Kimbo 6C.jpg

The idea for Kimbo campers came from Mark King's love of the outdoors and inspiration from the inside of a nuclear submarine, the USS Alabama, which his father lead as Captain. Mark is an inventor and entrepreneur who has been designing wallets and outdoor gear with his company - Trayvax.  Never one to settle for average, Mark has been exploring simple living for years. Since 2013, at the start of Trayvax, his residence had been a 19' Airstream, but after a couple years he started to think he could live with less.


He wanted a home that would allow him to be untethered by the expense, maintenance and excess of modern life but there wasn't anything on the market that fit his needs. He also wanted to be comfortable when he hit the road exploring and camping in the Pacific NW. So being an inventor and fabricator, he started building his own camper in 2016. After living in it for 6 months, eventually driving over 30,000 miles around the country, Mark brought his passion to market.



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